The Ads Team Review

What is The Ads Team?

The Ads Team is a new advertising and revenue sharing platform that is launched on 15th of October, 2016. The ads team enables you to not only advertise your business to the targeted audience but also share there revenue with you unlike Google and Facebook who keeps all the money with them.

Who are the Owners?

Muhammad Azam and Najam ul Hassan are the owners of this system and they have outstanding track record of network marketing business. They have earned over 1 million dollar in this year alone from another network marketing opportunity and now they decided to launch there own system to put there efforts in promoting there own business rather making other people’s business successful.

The Ads Team Products

The ads team platform offers your wide range of products that you can use to advertise your business and other opportunities on the website to the targeted audience. You can choose Banner ads, Text Ads, Login ads, PPC Ads or PTC Ads for promoting your business or you can use combination of various products.

Revenue Share

Apart from allowing you to advertise your products on the site, the ads team also offers you an extra benefit of sharing their revenue with you when you purchase Ad Packs from them. There are 3 types of ad packs you can purchase and every offers you different advertisement options and revenue. $10 ad pack offers you 110% return, $25 returns you 115% return and $50 ad pack returns you 120% return as an extra benefit from the company. You can see the detail of each ad pack in the picture below.

Referral Commission

Company is also offering 8% direct commission from your referral purchase of adpacks. You can further earn 5% from 2nd to 5th level of your downline if you decide to build a team under you.

Groundbreaking Retail Affiliate Program

They have launched retail affiliate program where they are joining top online retailers and selling their products through website and adding the revenue they are generating to the revenue share pool of website.

The Ads Team Academy

They are also going to launch digital products that will help you become an expert internet marketing. The revenue that they will generate from those products will also be included in the revenue sharing pool of the website.

Leadership Commission Pool

They have got an another unique feature of leadership commission pool where they distribute 8% of commissions they receive from direct sales to there leaders who are helping the site to take it to next level. You need to buy 200 ad pack of $50 and 20 paid referrals to qualify for this.

Payment Processors

They support most of the major payment processors that includes Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay and Bitcoin. You can use any of the processor of your choice to fund the account and start working.

Bottom Line

The Ads Team system that is launched after proper planning to make it sustainable and best one. They crossed the 10,000 members mark in 1st week and growing very steadily now which is really going to make it a long term. If you haven’t signup yet you need to jump in right now by clicking on the button below.

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