Strategic Internet Marketing Tips for Maximum Success Online

In online world, strategic internet marketing involve the harmonized use of internet communications, internet marketing and online tools which plays a vital role to successfully achieve some strategic business objectives. Among these business objectives  lead generation, market penetration and revenue growth have some special place.

Following are five specific commandments which would certainly help you deploy your business resources in an efficient and effective manner with least possible cost and minimum wastage of time, effort and your money.

Here we go with these commandments of strategic internet marketing:

1. Be Strategic like Obama

During his historic campaign as a president candidate of United States, Barack
Obama and his company not only selected a core strategic message but also they stuck to it with determination. Whether it were his speeches or the color scheme of his campaign websites, everything was reflecting and reinforcing the basic message” Change we can believe in.” where some personalities like John McCain were taking part in these elections as the experience candidates, the determined and unconventional Barack Obama was able to keep his position stable and consistent.

This successful presidential campaign was a clear and prominent demonstration of large scale integrated planning. At the first place you are required to identify your core and central value proposition you want to demonstrate to the market place and then disseminate that message with the help of every internet marketing channel approachable in the market.

2. Have A Take Or Get Hung Up On

A host on a sports radio intimidates to hang up the calls of those persons who don’t have a point regarding the subject of his program or what he is asking about.  To get maximum benefit from internet, a content curriculum must be developed and defined. It does not matter whether you intend to develop an authority content website or you want to use a social media platform. All that is required from you is the authoritative communication on the issues associated with your target audience or market. In case you fail to create your authority the game would be over.

3. Attract, Capture, Engage and Sell

Along with the expertise in your own business you must be able to put your contents in a system which may bring website traffic for you. Search engine optimized content sites are a better and quite beneficial option in this regard.

Once you succeed in attracting web visitors, the next thing is to collect their information so that you may contact them and remain connected with them throughout. For this purpose every strategic internet marketing effort uses a simple email form as a must. In case you fail to gather web clients’ information, your chances of capturing clients on internet get reduced to minimum. Engagement means that you need to have a persistent and constant communication with your clients all the time. You need to get engaged and intact with them so as to keep them involved in your efforts.

Communication with potential or existing clients made through any of the channels like tele-seminars, video chats or conferences must bring maximum advantage that can be achieved through internet.

4. Multiply Yourself with Partners and Affiliates

Recruiting affiliates or super affiliates is another fast and result oriented method of getting success in online marketing. This really contributes a lot in promoting you, your product or services. This can be made by delivering informational products with a higher margin so that you may attract affiliates with higher incentives in case they sell your product.  This is a strong strategy to recruit and retain affiliates as it is related to their self interest of getting incentives in return of selling your products.

5. Syndicate Yourself

The internet fragmentize your customers in such an effective and fast way that you need to be present in as many websites as possible. Social media marketing is a true example of this. The best output from internet is achieved when you syndicate your content so that it is reproduced automatically. A highly recommend method for this is to publish articles in articles directories such as The advantage of such directories is that email newsletter publishers can be able to find them for re printing. For syndicating your videos, tools like TubeMogul can be used.


Internet has developed into a paradise for an entrepreneur who wants to achieve their business objectives without adopting the traditional ways of borrowing or selling shares to investors. All you need to do is to develop an idea and then stick to it. Many stronger channels like youtube and facebook are working a lot for promoting many products free of any cost. For syndicating your contents you have,, and These tools help a lot in syndicating the contents at different websites in no time. A part from all these, you can be able to connect not only yourself but also your partners, to the big guns in your industry or with other prospective strategic partners.

You are suggested to read, understand and apply these commandments in your strategic internet marketing so that you may be able to generate leads, increase sales, enhance influence and maximize your profit.

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