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facebook fansFacebook is the most popular social networking today. Anyone with access to a computer and internet connection has a Facebook account. In the past it was just a place for people to share photos and videos. However, this has changed. People do not just use it to share experiences but also use it for marketing purposes.

There are several ways to put your business here. Start by creating a fan page. You can create a business account name and start building your site. Recently, Facebook has updated the timeline. Here, a deck load. What is interesting to attract more fans.

You still have the profile image. You must also choose links or applications you want to appear on the page. After the initial setup, you can start marketing your business.

Here are some ways to use facebook and increase your fans:

  • You can use items. Although not a blog site, you can write articles in Facebook notes and publish on your pages. You can even add photos and links in your articles. After completing a well written article, share it on your pages. If you know people personally, ask them to share the article in its walls too.
  • You can also create a video. You can post the video to your account or link it to your YouTube account. Many prefer watching videos now because it is easier to understand. Many want to have something visual, instead of leaving everything to the imagination.
  • Link to your other social network account. Many users do not know they have a Facebook page and can be heard on twitter, flicker, and the like. Besides improving traffic to your site and official site, this will also help build your network and visibility online.
  • Post contests or create games. Your fans would love to win something from you. You can publish the winners and award prizes on your site.
  • Communicate with subscribers. You can interact with them via messages or mention in your posts. You can not do this all day, of course. But if you can assign someone to handle messages received from social media. If you enjoy the experience, you may publish your experience on the wall for all your friends to see.

There are tons of effective ways to use Facebook. Create a page and start posting some interesting updates in your timeline.

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