The Ads Team Review

What is The Ads Team? The Ads Team is a new advertising and revenue sharing platform that is launched on 15th of October, 2016. The ads team enables you to not only advertise your business to the targeted audience but also share there revenue with you unlike Google and Facebook who keeps all the money […]

Amazon Launching Virtual Currency “Amazon Coin”

For more ease and speedy payments Amazon is launching its own virtual currency for U.S. customers in May. It will help to purchase games, apps and in-app items on Kindle Fire. To promote their virtual currency and make it populor among people Amazon will be distributing tens of millions of dollars’ worth of coins in […]

Increase Fans on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking today. Anyone with access to a computer and internet connection has a Facebook account. In the past it was just a place for people to share photos and videos. However, this has changed. People do not just use it to share experiences but also use it for marketing […]

Strategic Internet Marketing Tips for Maximum Success Online

In online world, strategic internet marketing involve the harmonized use of internet communications, internet marketing and online tools which plays a vital role to successfully achieve some strategic business objectives. Among these business objectives  lead generation, market penetration and revenue growth have some special place. Following are five specific commandments which would certainly help you […]

Top Keyword Research Tools

Adwords Keyword Tool This tool was designed to be used with Google’s AdWords program, as a way for advertisers to discover the best keywords to target with their pay per click campaigns. You don’t have to use PPC to benefit from the keyword tool, but you can gain a lot from looking at the numbers […]